It Took Them 40 Years, But This Couple Has Visited Every Single Cracker Barrel In The Country

Talk about commitment.

It's good to set goals: whether you're aiming for a promotion at work, trying to accomplish new feats at the gym, or trying to hit every Cracker Barrel in America. 

It took them 40 years, but Ray and Wilma Yoder have officially visited every Cracker Barrel location in the country, and it's quite an impressive feat considering there are 645 to see. Recently, they visited their final location in Tualatin, Oregon on Ray's 81st birthday. Their arrival at the restaurant was met with applause, as seen in a a video from Cracker Barrel. reports that after finding out about the Yoders, Cracker Barrel invited them on an all-expense paid trip to Tualatin. 

"We enjoy traveling the country," Ray says in the video. "Travel was in our blood and we've always liked it. And the best place to eat of course was at Cracker Barrel ... we could order what we liked. And they always had what we liked."

The two also explain that they've been married for 60 years, and they're thankful that they can still spend this time together.

"We're just thankful every morning [that] we can get up and go," Ray adds. "Every day is a lucky one I say."

Here's to many more dates for the Yoders. Check out more in the full video below:


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