Here's What Happened When A Couple Tried Spending 90 Hours Without TV, Internet, Or Phones

So many ups and downs ...

While many of us would like to think we could cope without television, Wi-Fi, or a phone for 90 hours, one couple's proving it's harder than we may think. 

In a recent video for BuzzFeed, Ned and his wife, Ariel, get locked in their house without access to today's modern staples. 

"I don't know if this is a dream vacation or just a recipe for divorce," Ned says at the start of the video. 

For the first few hours of the challenge, the couple occupy their time cooking with, gasp, a cookbook. They also turn to puzzles, books, records, and facemasks. 

At the end of the 90 hours, despite a few hiccups, Ariel and Ned conclude that there's no one else they'd rather spend that much time with.

"Your phone and the Internet are just ways to connect with other people. And when you're doing it in person, that's the most important thing of all," Ned says.

Be sure to check it out in the full video below:


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