This Couple Is Raffling Off Their Island Resort For $49 A Pop

You could own a slice of paradise for an (almost) unbelievable price.

If you'd like to spend the rest of your life in island paradise and happen to have an extra $49 lying around, your time has come.

On July 26, Doug and Sally Beitz, an Australian couple, will raffle off their beloved Kosrae Nautilus Resort. They were just regular people caught in the rat race before leaving it all behind for the island paradise in Micronesia. Over the past 21 years, they've worked hard to establish a successful resort and scuba diving business. 

Now, with their Willy Wonka-esque sales pitch, they want to help the everyday working person do the same.

When a golden ticket only costs $49, many who would never have the opportunity to pursue this dream actually can. After all, it only takes one entry to win.

That's exactly why the Beitz family made their raffle (almost) unbelievably affordable; they want to give the resort to someone who will make a deep personal investment, rather than a deep financial one. 

While the resort's new owner will be completely random, Beitz believes that "If you raffle it, they will come." In his case, "they" would be a down-to-earth, friendly, and flexible person who can devote two hours to a coffee break or helping a guest. And, of course, they should be comfortable living in warm weather all year round.

"We hope that our marketing attracts the type of people who will love it here, and that this will greatly increase the chance of the right person taking over," Doug Beitz told A Plus via email. 

With 50,000 minimum entries, it's safe to say the Beitzes' chances of finding the right person are about as high as their resort's price is low.

"[The] world is changing so fast, and we're happy that we're a tiny part of that change in how things are accomplished," he added. "We know from the huge amount of email we have received that people all over the world have been inspired by what we are doing." 

The Beitzes don't just hope to inspire the lucky winner. They plan to guide them, too. Besides giving the new owner a debt-free and highly-rated business equipped with a seasoned staff (not to mention an extra $10,000 in the bank), they also plan to give email or phone assistance even after handing over the resort. 

"We're not moving away because we don't want to be here," Beitz said. "We just need to be closer to our family after all of these years — so there could even be times where we come back for a visit." 

While they've loved their time in Micronesia, the couple is returning to the mainland to pursue a new business opportunity: being full-time grandparents. Having always attended their family's landmark events like weddings, births, and subsequent birthdays, Beitz and his wife are now most looking forward to experiencing the little, everyday things they'd usually have to watch on video. 

"We've had the best life, and I feel so blessed with what we have been able to experience with our children and friends," Beitz said. "No matter where you are there are ups and downs in life. But here there are so many ups, they make the downs look trivial."

Though the raffle sounds like the plot of a fantasy movie, it's real — and happening soon.

In just 20 days, the Beitz family will select the raffle winner using and broadcast the drawing on a livestream from Kosrae Nautilus Resort at 10 am. According to their website, a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace will be there to confirm the process is impartial. They will announce the winner on both their website and Facebook page immediately following the drawing. 

Anyone aged 21 years or older can enter online until July 26, and thousands already have. Though Beitz couldn't reveal the exact number of current entries, he told A Plus they were "well on track" to reach their minimum number of 50,000 required entries by the drawing date. 

Though the chances of winning are slim, you'd be coconuts not to try. 

Cover image via Instagram.

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