Jimmy Kimmel Gives The Couple Who Lost Their Engagement Ring In A Pond A Huge Surprise

“This is what you’re here for.”

We can't imagine what it would feel like to purchase a wedding ring, and begin your proposal only to drop the ring off a bridge and straight into a pond. But one Kansas City man did just that, and it was captured in a now-viral video.  

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel caught wind of the video and decided to invite the couple, Seth Dixon and his fiancé, Ruth Salas, to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles. The couple thought they were traveling to LA for a different news interview, but it was all a ploy to get them to the show. 

"We made that up," Kimmel tells the couple after welcoming them to the stage. "This is what you're here for."


With that, Kimmel announces that he wants to give the couple a surprise do-over, so he's recreated the scene of their proposal. Oh, and they've managed to get a hold of Neil Lane, who will be giving them a brand new wedding ring. 

Then, in a heartwarming moment, Dixon proposes again, and confetti bursts onto the stage. 


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