For 5 Years, This Couple Has Been Hitting The Road In Their Self-Built Retro Van

So Kerouac-ish!

In the spring of 2010, U.K.-based couple Calum Creasey and Lauren Smith bought a "sorry looking" Volkswagen T4 van determined to turn it into a ... home.

The couple says they have always loved exploring and outdoorsy activities. Calum spent most of his childhood in various camper vans. They especially value the simplicity of living in a van and the fact that it lets them see the world together.

The 1996 VW they found on Amazon was "an empty shell," as Lauren calls it. But that only turned out for the best as they could customize the layout based on their own needs.

After a fair share of struggle and many eureka moments, Calum and Lauren ended up with a self-built dream house on four wheels.

A house that looks like it's straight out of a Pinterest board!

The van, albeit small, perfectly fits all the things Calum and Lauren could possibly need in their everyday lives.

There's a kitchen with a nice resting area, a loft bed, the couple can attach their bikes and surfboards to the back — every single millimeter in the camper van is optimally used to make living in it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

"Storage is the key, a place for everything to fit. From cups, cutlery and jewellery to cameras, BBQs and badminton sets," Smith told Urban Outfitters blog.

Throughout the van remodelling process, Calum and Lauren didn't hesitate to take it for a spin.

Traveling across Europe constantly inspired Lauren and Calum to improve their unusual new home so the VW kept on getting better and better.

To afford their travels, Creasey and Smith own a small creative studio called Stokedeversince, which started from a personal blog where they documented all their adventures.

Now Calum and Lauren are also running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their book "The Rolling Home," which is a beautiful collection of memories from the past five years they've spent on the road. The couple says their main goal is to "show it isn't hard or expensive" to step out of your comfort zone and try living this way.

"The way that you can travel from mountains to beaches within a matter of hours. You get to stay in the most remote and beautiful places, and you feel like you are the only people there to experience the nature around you," Lauren explains of why she enjoys living in a van so much.

Since the beginning of their adventure, the couple has already hit the 80,000-mile mark and visited many remote corners in Europe.

However, they both agree Sweden is by far the best place they've explored as it's full of breathtaking, high-quality camping spots.

When asked what they've learned about themselves from setting on such adventures, Lauren and Calum don't hesitate even for a second ...

"Life doesn't have to be that complicated. You don't need to follow the norm of a 9-5 job, buying a house and having a 2 week holiday each year. You can live simply and happily with what you have."

(H/T: She Explores)


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