Couple With Same Birthday Celebrates Turning 42 Together With A Photo Shoot

"My mom really met her soulmate at 42."

When Yolanda Etheridge and Kerry Wilson met, they knew they shared something special. Not only did they share affection for each other, but the same birthday, too. So, when the couple turned 42 almost a year later, they decided to commemorate the occasion with an adorable photo shoot. 

Etheridge explained to BuzzFeed that it was on their first date that the couple discovered their birthday coincidence. "Not only was it the same day, but the same year. We were the exact same age," she said. "It was really crazy."


To celebrate their first birthday as a couple, they decided to have a fun photo shoot with themed T-shirts.

Etheridge wore a pink "Birthday Girl" T-shirt, while Kerry wore a blue "Birthday Boy" one. 

Etheridge's daughter, Kaelove Richardson, shared the sweet snaps of the happy couple on Twitter, and the photos quickly went viral.

Richardson told A Plus via email that the couple also started their own Instagram account called @yoandkstory to document their relationship, and to share their sweet photo shoot.

Since the photos were posted on June 14, they have been retweeted over 36,000 times and liked over 157,000.

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