Surfer Dad Rides The Waves With His Tiny Daughter Hanging On His Back In Adorable Video

Now, that's bonding.

When pro surfer Cory Lopez goes out on the ocean to catch some waves, he brings one thing with him most surfer parents leave at home — his little daughter Alana. 

And in a video posted in 2012 that recently went viral, the father and daughter are seen surfing together on Oahu's North Shore. 

At the time Alana was just two years old. 


The little girl fearlessly surfs with her dad, latching on to his back like an adorable little monkey.

According to The Huffington Post, Lopez is a father of three and has taken all his kids surfing. He told the publication, "I just love to play with my kids, and the fact that I get to share my love of surfing and the ocean with them is a dream come true."

Off they go.

The moment shows there's all kind of ways fathers and daughters bond, but this type of bonding is particularly cool. 

Watch the video...

Note that all of Lopez's kids have some experience with surfing, so riding tandem on their very, very experienced father's back isn't quite so risky. 

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