The Proper Way To Use Chopsticks Will Blow Your Mind

No, really. It's a revelation!

If you're a takeout food lover, then you know this miserable situation all too well.


You grab yourself a nice bowl of fried noodles or some finger-lickin'-good sushi, whip out those disposable chopsticks and... BAM! 

You end up scattering splinters everywhere because they didn't split evenly. But the hassle doesn't end there.

God forbid you have to put those bastards down for a minute, and there is no holder on the table. Mess guaranteed. 

Seriously, what do you do with them?!

There have been previous attempts to hack the chopstick placement enigma, but none of them came nearly as close as the one you're about to witness.

A recently shared image on Instagram and Imgur has been making waves on the Internet because it shows an alternative, and simple, way to create a chopstick holder from the most common waribashi chopsticks.

Yes, people. It's that simple.

The image indicates that instead of splitting chopsticks in the middle (as we're all so used to doing), you should snap the end where the two sticks connect. Often there's even in indent to make it easier.

As Ron Swanson would say — please and thank you. Now go ahead, put this life hack to the test and share the results with us!

Cover image via Ruby Rose Instagram


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