A Boy Told Her No One Would Miss Her. Here's What Gave This Transgender Teen Strength.

Watch her incredible story.

A transgender teen is once again using her social media fame to champion love and acceptance — and this time she's giving hope to students who have been bullied in school.

In April, 14-year-old Corey Maison's Facebook photo became a symbol of pride as the LGBT community rallied against North Carolina's controversial bathroom law.

In a new Facebook video, Maison uses index cards to reveal how she overcame verbal harassment in school with the support of her parents.

"She wanted to share her story so other kids out there getting bullied would be able to see that it does get better and that they're not alone," Erica Maison, her mom, wrote to A Plus. "She also wanted them to see someone who had been bullied relentlessly that has overcome it and is now a better, stronger person on the other side of it."

Corey Maison is far from the only LGBT teen to have been bullied. A 2014 Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network survey found that 74 percent of LGBT students were verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation, and 55 percent because of their gender expression.

For transgender students, the feeling of being unwanted in school can be detrimental. A February 2016 study said that denying something as basic as bathroom access to transgender teens could increase suicide risk.

Maison said that she withstood the pain of bullying thanks to the love and support of her parents. She also found a new school that was accepting of transgender students and where she is allowed to use the girls' bathroom.

"I want to tell anyone being bullied [that] this is temporary and it will get better," Maison's index cards read. "Know that even though it may not feel like it now — you are incredible, you are beautiful, you are worth so much and you are loved."


Maison's inspiring Facebook video has received nearly 20,000 shares since June 3.

"I am humbled and truly grateful for the wonderful and overwhelmingly positive response Corey's story has gotten," her mom wrote to A Plus. "I am incredibly proud of her for having the courage to share her painful but triumphant story publicly."


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