These Bathtubs Are So Luxurious, You Won't Care When Your Fingers Prune

Grab your rubber ducky and get in.

While showers are great for a quick cleaning on the daily, the epitome of relaxation is soaking yourself in a hot, soothing bubble bath. 

And though you may get pruney fingers from those longer baths, at least you don't have to worry about the water bill while you enjoy some alone time. Plus, it's great to be unplugged for a bit — No phone or laptop during bath time, unless you want to risk water damage. 

Pretty much any bath is a good bath, but for a truly great experience, you need a fantastic tub. 

Here are some seriously creative baths for all your soaking needs: 


1. Yin Yang Couple Bathtub.

2. LED bathtub.

3. Wooden bathtub.

4. Glass bathtub.

5. Hammock bathtub.

6. Clear bathtub with ocean underneath.

7. Zen bathtub.

8. Shoe bathtub.

9. Granite bathtub.

10. Artistic bathtub.

11. Book bathtub.

12. Illuminated bathtub.

13. Quartz bathtub.

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