12 Cool Things That '90s Kids Had That Today's Kids Are Missing Out On

The '90s were better ... if you lower the bar.

The '90s were a way different time. If you grew up in the '90s, you had complicated technology struggles, odd fashion trends and unique music. On the surface, today's kids have it way easier. But with a little sarcasm, the '90s seem like the best paradise ever.

Here are 12 things from the '90s that may have been way cooler, if you grew up in that decade:

1. Renting movies.

Renting on-demand movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime is too simple and lazy ...

Well played, Netflix. Happy Groundhog Day.

... but it' so much better to walk to Blockbuster and get a video because it's exercise and it takes longer.

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2. Happy Meal toys.

Lithium battery powered and high-tech toys? That's what today's kids get in their Happy Meals ...

Vampire Minions (Mc's Happy meal toy)

... no thanks. Just plain ol' plastic toys from the '90s are better because you can just stare at them, which is more fun.

The best happy meal toys ever

3. Nicktoons.

Sanjay And Craig? Rabbids Invasion? WTF are these shows? That is why ...

There is entirely too little Rabbids love around this place

... the Nicktoons from the '90s were way better because today's computer animation is just blah.

4. Soft drinks.

Pepsi Max? Please. So what if there are no calories or sugar and a great taste? That's too convenient ...

... and obviously Crystal Pepsi is the best drink ever.

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5. Video Games.

PS4 has a lot of cool high-tech features such as a USB and online playing. But all of that is useless ...

... and the original Playstation had none of those awesome features, sometimes wouldn't work properly and thus was way better. Why play online when you can just play with yourself?

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6. Dance styles.

Gangnam Style is yuck. Its simply too hip ...

... but the Macarena — now that's a real dance.

7. Listening to music.

iTunes and listening to music on a portable device is boring. It's too satisfying ...

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... and that's why cassette taps and a Walkman are more fun. Spending all day searching for a song is worth it.

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8. Jeans.

Skinny jeans? Faded jeans? Come on. Those jeans don't require any struggle. However ...

... it's obvious that the more baggy your pants are, the cooler you are. '90s jeans rule!

Cool guy from middle school still sporting phat pair of JNCOs

9. Cars.

Who needs a car with a DVD player? That's too much fun. That's why ...

In the end of installation,Finished

... '90s cars are better with a cassette player that barely works.

I dont get what you people like, here a car cassette player.

10. Photos.

Taking selfies with your camera is too simple and fast. It's way better to use ...

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... an old '90s camera, send it to a store and spend an hour or more to wait until the film develops.

11. Messages.

Texting is too easy and requires no effort. It's much cooler ...

... to write on a piece of paper and send it in the mail.

Inappropriate, Mr. Envelope!

12. TV geeks.

You can keep all of the dudes from the Big Bang Theory ...

... Urkel is 10 times better.

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