25 Of The Most Coolest Hookahs In The World

These are smokin'.

Hookah is a tobacco-smoking style that originated in 15th century India and has since exploded in popularity worldwide. Major celebrities such as Drake and Shaquille O'Neal are smoking hookah. The demand for hookah has been so amazing, that there are fancy hookahs being made.

Here are 25 of the coolest hookahs that you've even seen and if you like hookahs, you will want these:


1. If you love snakes, you'll love this.

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2. As good as gold.

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3. This looks sick.

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4. What a tall hookah.

Decor Hookahs made to work..... Almost overkill.... nahhhhh

5. A liquor bottle turned hookah.

6. This once is as stylish as can be.

7. You know that they use this one in France.

8. A hookah that is also used for geography.

9. You've never seen a design like this.

10. A dragon becomes a hookah.

11. This might come with a high price tag.

12. And it works beautiful in the dark.

13. A camel version that takes it to a new level.

14. It's like a science project.

15. Here's a dragon, again.

16. If Mercedes ever got into the hookah game, this would be it.

17. Where can you get this nice one?

18. This is the hookah that gangsters use.

19. This hookah can fit into any location.

20. If you like skulls on your hookah, this is for you.

21. Gold looks perfect in the winter.

Winter Hookah

22. A hookah built for royalty.

Farida Royalty Hookah/ Shisha / Narguile / Arguile

23. If aliens ever want a hookah, they will want this.

Purging the Roi UFO Hookah

24. This makes any room seem fancy.

hey hookah lovers!

25. The bottle turned hookah is amazing.


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