17 Foot Tattoos That'll Have You Itching To Get Inked

#14 is absolutely gorgeous.

Whether you're thinking about getting a tattoo for the very first time or just want to add a new one to your collection, picking the perfect place to get inked can be tricky. One popular spot that's a little less ostentatious than most, is your foot. 

From tiny minimalist designs, to tattoos that spread across both feet, many people have found their foot to be the right place to express their individuality with permanent ink.


We've rounded up some foot tattoos we found particularly beautiful. Check them out below:

1. Colorful florals.

2. A supreme pizza slice.

3. Paper planes.

4. A small camera.

5. A watercolor cat and flamingo.

6. Paw print.

7. Sun and moon.

8. UFO.

9. A minimal cat.

10. Map of the world.

11. An elephant.

12. Mountains spanning both feet.

13. An intricate deer.

14. A gorgeous mandala.

15. A simple daisy.

16. A meaningful message.

17. A bird in flight.


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