Cookie Monster's Struggle While Waiting For His Cookies To Bake Is All Too Real

Thankfully, Siri is keeping him company.


There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and Cookie Monster's insatiable desire for sweet, sweet cookies.

As Sesame Street's resident overeater, the furry blue monster has probably devoured thousands — maybe even millions — of cookies since his official introduction to the public in a commercial in 1967

He's been a fan-favorite ever since, symbolizing excess and practically inventing the "nom-nom" phrase that has made regular appearances on food blogs and Instagram for years now.

And as longtime or long-time-ago followers of the show will remind grown-ups, there's not a single cookie the Cookie Monster didn't like. Not one! From gingerbread to ginger snaps, Oreos to Hydroxes, peanut butter to sugar-sprinkled, chocolate chip to rainbow — if it was chewy, crumbled, or crispy, Cookie was a fan, and likely finished off the cookie faster than you could say the word.

Though he started appreciating the nutrients, vitamins, and high fiber content found in vegetables more than a decade ago, his name is Cookie Monster, after all, and the deliciously sugared treats will forever be a staple of his not-so-balanced diet.

And that's what drives the story that unfolds during Apple's new commercial. 

Aided by the sometimes sassy Siri, Cookie Monster is found in a kitchen baking — what else? — cookies. He asks Siri on is iPhone 6s to set a timer for 14 minutes, with which the device complies.

And from there, the agonizing countdown begins. Cookie Monster is this close to having some treats in his possession, but first they must bake.

In the meantime, Cookie Monster calls up a "waiting playlist," which seems to have just one song — Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." While the song slowly plays in the background, Cookie busies himself by reading a cookbook, fidgeting with the oven light to check on his work, licking his fingers for cookie dough residue, and more.

It's understandable that he would be impatient — cookies are his life-blood! But did his antics away from the oven keep him distracted long enough? There's only one way to find out and that's to watch the video.

The ad is a cute promotion for the iPhone 6s' timer function, and a clever way to promote a phone that will probably be out of date in a matter of months, if release patterns for upgraded smartphones hold true.


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