Converse's Iconic 'Chuck' Shoe Redesign Will Have Your Feet Praising The Sneaker Gods

Christmas came early this year.

As I'm writing this, my feet are squeezed into a pair of glaring white All-Stars that I bought a few weeks ago. I did so because my old Chucks were already showing clear signs of defeat, which is totally reasonable having in mind they lasted through numerous walks, runs and dances in all sorts of weather conditions ...

But you know what? There wasn't a single day in those two long weeks that I didn't have to decoupage my feet with Band-Aids and other sorts of blister-relief products.

So you can imagine the rush of joy that was flowing through my veins when Converse unveiled its new, sleek, improved version of the signature Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe.


Are we in sneaker heaven?

The iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star model was first introduced back in 1917 and remained pretty much unchanged ever since. Thus, the decision to revise a nearly century-old design had to be handled with care and subtlety.

"The Chuck is nearly 100 years old, and for the most part, it's basically the same sneaker that it's always been. We've been spending a lot of time in the last two, three, four years with consumers, asking them what do they need from us, what do they want?" Geoff Cottrill, VP-general manager of brand and segment at Converse, told Adweek.

'Don't mess up the Chuck Taylor' is allegedly the quote that the Converse product team heard over and over again during the process of creating the ‪Chuck II‬.

Did they or did they not f**k it up? Take a look inside the new Chuck and decide for yourself ...

The biggest (/greatest) change lies in the sole and is supposed to make the new Chucks way more comfortable.

The revamped Chuck Taylor shoe includes a new sockliner made of material called Lunarlon. Developed by Nike, Lunarlon is a lightweight and bouncy foam used in running and basketball shoes. According to Converse, it's supposed to provide "more cushioning and arch support."

While it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to start running triathlons with them, it seems like the new sneakers will be much more fitted for a long day wear.

Chuck II also comes with a non-slip tongue for the ultimate comfort around the ankle.

And perforated suede liner that improves breathability (basically, protects you from having smelly feet).

The redesigned sneaker comes in four colors: Black, Salsa Red, Sodalite Blue and White.

The new Chucks are scheduled to hit stores on July 28, 2015 with prices ranging between $70 and $75.

According to 'AdAge,' the second-generation Chuck Taylors are created to serve their customers' busy lifestyles and provide them with comfort and durability.

So, are you ready to slide your feet into the new Chucks?

(H/T: ConverseAdAge)

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