It’s Inside That Counts

Why content is king of all screens.

Behind a long list of established screens – television, PC, smartphone, and tablet – there is an even longer list of new devices racing to be the next "killer" hardware platform. 

Possibilities include something as personal as a wearable, as communal as a dinner table interface, or as intangible as an AR experience; the heir apparent to the next ubiquitous screen iteration remains an iffy proposition, with users divided on which device is the frontrunner.

At the SXSW Panel Race to The 5th Screen, Michael Gorman, Editor In Chief of Engadget; Steve Guggenheimer, Chief Evangelist at Microsoft; Austen Mulinder, CEO and president of Ziosk; and Nick Rish, VP Mobile Publishing at EA made one thing clear: while the device of choice may still be up in the air, everyone can agree that regardless of screen, what really counts is content.

The takeaway for  marketers and creatives: focus on content that can play across a wide variety of screens, since what's on the screen is more important that the type of screen.

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