They Wrote Down Their Confessions To 'The One That Got Away,' But Then These YouTube Comments Almost Top Them

Right in the feels.

We hope you have a tissue ready, because these confessions might hit your right in the feels.

In the video shot by BuzzFeed UK, people were asked to write down a message to "the one that got away." Be it "I should have kissed you when I had a chance" or "I wish we were still friends," each and every one of these confessions sounds incredibly relatable. Don't we all have something we wish we could say to that one person?

Watch the entire video below. Not to spoil this for you entirely, but it has a pretty inspiring twist at the end.


Now, we are not the only ones that feel incredibly touched by the video. It's certainly rare to come across a comment section on YouTube that would offer such intimate look into people's souls. 

Scroll down to see some of the comments.

Right. In. The. Feels.


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