This Vagina Costume Is Raising Funds For Women's Health

“What inspired the costume idea? Women.”

It's never to early to get a Halloween costume, especially if that costume can help women around the world get the medical care they need.

Last year, Kelly Kinsella and her boyfriend wanted to combine their love of costumes and their love of giving back. That's when the Brooklyn-based couple created a vagina outfit called The Conception Costume (or simply Conceived in Brooklyn).


Kinsella and her boyfriend recently marketed their design around the streets of New York City to create buzz. 

"The reaction and reception to what we are doing has been incredibly positive and exciting," Conceived told A Plus via email.

While the costume seems slightly whimsical, the story behind it is very significant.

"What inspired the costume idea? Women," the couple told us. "Conceived in Brooklyn is all about bringing awareness to women's health and reproductive issues with a specific goal to raise funds."

Their one size fits all vagina costume sells for $149, with $10 from every costume sold going to non-profit 50 Cents.Period.

"Our mission is to empower women and girls in marginalized and vulnerable communities, by partnering with them to create programs and pathways that ensure equitable access to resources and services targeting their mental and reproductive health needs," it says on the 50 Cents.Period website.

There is also a three-month assembly time for each costume, so if you want one before Halloween, you need to order soon.

(H/T: Mic)

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