Here's How To Compliment Someone Without Commenting On Their Physical Appearance

"You could even make Kanye smile."


As the new year approaches, we reflect on the events of the past year, but also on our relationships, old and new. It's the perfect time to not only start being good to ourselves, but to those around us. And sometimes it's important to dish out compliments to let those people know how much they mean. 

But complimenting someone's physical appearance often just doesn't do the trick. There's so much more to the people we love than that. So BuzzFeed presented 14 compliments that aren't about physical appearance at all. 

If you need some ideas for compliments that don't revolve around physical appearance, take a look at these examples taken from the BuzzFeed video above. 

1. "I admire your confidence."

2. "You're empowering."

3. "Your positive energy is infectious."

4. "Im happy you exist."

5. "I can always depend on you."

6. "You're so funny."

7. "You're intelligent."

8. "You're a light."

9. "You have a beautiful soul."

10. "You inspire me to work hard."

11. "You're a bad*ss."

12. "You're so talented."

13. "Your passion is contagious."

14. "You could even make Kanye smile."


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