7 Compliments For Mom That Will Make This Mother's Day Memorable

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13.

With Mother's Day on the doorstep, it's time to pull out all the stops for the lady who gave you life. Yet, while greeting cards and gift baskets show you're thinking of her, compliments for mom prove how much you truly love her. Unexpected compliments for mom come in all forms. Some unconventional compliments for mom are silly, while others are more sentimental. Some compliments for mother show your appreciation, while others show your admiration. But, at their core, each of the following Mother's Day compliments demonstrate how much you love and value your mother every day of the year:


1. "Thanks for giving me the good genes."

While slightly tongue-in-cheek, deep down, both you and your mother know that she's the reason you're so amazing. She's the reason you've got great hair and a fabulous sense of humor, after all. You two are so in sync with one another, you might as well be the same person. Just uttering this sentence will have you two giggling, as your bond can never be broken.

2. "I hope I'll be as good a parent as you."

Parents constantly question their decisions. Even when they know they're doing the "right" thing, they can't help but wonder if their actions will inevitably backfire. But when your mother hears you hope to raise your children in a similar fashion someday, she will know that every sleepless night was worth the strain because she helped shape you into the lovely person you are now.

3. "How did you put up with our shenanigans all these years?"

Mothers are often patient to the point of sainthood. Kids test them day after day, yet they still manage to stay focused and sane. While children can't quite control their behavior in the moment, however, acknowledging your wilder days will show your mother that you understand all she went through to raise you and that you appreciate her devotion. 

4. "You deserve a long vacation far, far away from here."

They say a mother's work is never done — and that couldn't be more true. Mothers are on duty 24/7. They rarely get sick days, and even family vacations are still steeped with chores, as most are still responsible for keeping things in order. Even though you might not be able to give her the vacation she deserves, knowing you recognize her efforts will make her feel worthwhile.

5. "How do you do it?"

Mothers are capable of juggling countless tasks and schedules at the same time. So-called multitaskers only wish they could balance as much as the average mom can on any given day. By expressing how baffled you are by her calm, cool, and collected approach to life, you'll convey both admiration and wonder, which will make her feel like a superhero.

6. "Can you teach me how to do that?"

When you ask someone to teach you something, it demonstrates how much you value their talents and contributions. Whether it's how to knit a scarf or roast a turkey, your mother will be flattered that you've come to her for guidance, especially as you grow older, because that indicates you still need her help.

7. "You were right about everything."

Mothers often feel like they're wasting their breath. But, of course, that won't keep them from giving you the best advice possible. (What? It's in the handbook!) Telling her she was right not only proves that you've been listening all along, but that you also appreciate her patience as she allowed you to make your own mistakes and learn from your own experiences.

Cover image via Edward Cisneros / Unsplash


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