These People Commuted Every Day Together — So They Decided To Throw A Christmas Party

Happy holidays.

Commuting to work is zero fun. That is unless you decide to host a Christmas party complete with drinks, decorations, food, and good company.

Which is exactly what commuters in Wales did.

"As we often spend 40 minutes a day travelling to work together, we thought 'why don't we have a Christmas party?'" Chris Lines, one of the partygoers, told ITV News

According to Lines, he and a group of friendly commuters brought prosecco, crackers, smoked salmon, and sausages onto the train as well as festive paper chains and a Christmas tablecloth for decoration.

Photos of the ride show the passengers indulging with their umbrella-topped prosecco glasses and rocking pink paper crowns. 


Typically, people give in to their smartphones and laptops during their commutes and travels but this commuting party is a refreshing way to engage in some much-needed human interaction and, of course, some holiday spirit.

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