When No One Showed Up To This Little Girl's Birthday, Strangers Showed Up To Save The Day

Happy Birthday, Taliyah!

No one should have to go through getting stood up at their birthday party, 5-year-olds included. But that's what happened when Clarksville, Tenn., resident Lauren Sassmannshausern threw a party for her daughter Taliyah, who they call Tallie, and none of those who RSVPed showed up. 

Tallie kept asking her mom where her friends were every 10 minutes, so Sassmannshausern thought fast and decided to reach out to the people in a community Facebook group, I heart springhill tn, yall. 

"The hurt in her eyes inspired me," she told A Plus in an email interview. "I felt I needed to do something and do something quick!"

Ten minutes later, people started to trickle in. An hour and a half later, four of the original people invited showed up. But that didn't stop everyone, stranger or not, from having a good time. 

Sassmannshausern posted a video of the group singing "Happy Birthday" as well as a photo of everyone in the yard. 


"NEVER in my life would I have though we would have so many people care about a child they didn't know," she wrote.

Sassmannshausern told A Plus that when a few of those she invited saw the news, which had been picked up by local media outlets, they reached out to explain why they couldn't make it. But others, who were no-shows have not said a word. 

At the end of the day, this mom is just happy that she could make her daughter's day special. 

"It was one of the most amazing days of my life (besides having my kids)," she told A Plus. "Not only did Tallie make new friends, but all the adults did as well! It was a memorable time, for sure."

She says she hopes her daughter will understand what it meant that these people came together for her. 

"I hope she takes from all this that no matter how bad the world seems around us, there are still great people who care out there," she said.

Happy Birthday, Tallie!


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