9 Dreams You've Probably Had, And What They Mean

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9 Dreams You've Probably Had, And What They Mean

If you're someone who never remembers your dreams, go ahead and close this tab. But for the rest of us who've stood naked in front of classrooms, been chased by someone we haven't seen since second grade, and killed our friends (sorry, Juliette), read on — because we're about to answer the question: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?? 

Here are some the most common dreams and what they may symbolize: 


1. Naked.

Dreaming of being naked could mean you feel vulnerable in some aspect of your real life. Maybe you've just started to get really close to someone new, or you feel you don't have enough privacy at home or at work. Nudity can also be a symbol for being unprepared. 

If no one but you notices you've got your birthday suit on, then your anxieties may be unfounded. 

2. Falling.

Falling in your dreams can symbolize anxiety or insecurity, and being unsure of where you'll land can translate to being unsure about your future — Maybe you're losing control of something that's important to you, or you're insecure about a relationship. It has also been suggested that falling can mean good things, too: If you're falling in a slow, peaceful way, perhaps you've let go of something that was holding you back. 

3. Death.

Surprisingly, dreaming of dying doesn't necessarily mean something bad. Rather, it can symbolize transformation and personal growth, or that you're letting go of some bad habit or aspect of yourself you wish to move on from. 

Dreaming of the death of a loved one can mean you wish you had certain qualities they possess. It can also mean your relationship with that person is changing. 

4. Chasing.

Being chased can mean there's something, or someone, in your life you're not paying enough attention to, are avoiding or are fearful of facing. The person who's chasing you (if it's a person) can give you clues as to what you're metaphorically running from. For example, if your sixth grade art teacher is after you, maybe you're not spending enough time doing creative projects you enjoy. 

5. Flying.

Flying is often a symbol of freedom. If you find yourself effortlessly flying in a dream, it can mean you're free from the daily pressures of life. But if you're having trouble lifting off, something, or someone, may be holding you back from enjoying success or freedom. 

6. Cheating.

Cheating dreams totally suck — even if it's you doing the cheating. Waking up from these dreams can result in feelings of hurt or anger, even though the cheating wasn't real. 

The good news is that, more often than not, these dreams have very little to do with infidelity. Instead, it usually means feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, guilt, and fear of abandonment. So maybe don't secretly watch an episode of that show you guys watch together, alone. 

7. Water.

Water represents your emotions, so focusing on the condition of the water is really important in figuring out how you feel. 

If the water is clean and smooth flowing, you're at peace with yourself and feeling confident. If it's turbulent, wavy water, you may be feeling pressured or overwhelmed in your real life, and if it's cloudy, something in your life is causing confusion. Dreaming of a waterfall, or water overflowing, can mean you have built up emotions that are begging to come to the surface. 

Or maybe you just have to pee. 

8. Test.

Even if you're a straight-A student, tests represent challenges. A testing dream could mean you're about to face something you've never done before, or that you'll have to prove yourself. Once you identify what the challenge is, how you perform on the test could signify how you feel about it. If you do really well, you're feeling confident and ready to prove yourself. If you do poorly, you're feeling unprepared.  

9. Teeth.

Losing your teeth in a dream can mean you're embarrassed or insecure about something in your real life. If your teeth start decaying in the dream, you may have said something you wish you hadn't. Losing teeth can also symbolize anxiety or feeling worried about your safety. 

Note: While this article can serve as a guide to help unlock the mystery of your dreams, only you can determine exactly what they mean. So, look for symbols, analyze them for meaning, and relate them to your own real life. 

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