Watch These Artists Bring History Back To Life With Colorized Black-And-White Photographs

When you can't time travel, Photoshop's the next best thing.

Have time machine, will time travel. Don't have time machine, will Photoshop. 

Using this tool, artists painstakingly colorized these 11 classic black-and-white photographs into Technicolor masterpieces. History never looked so cool.

1. What's black-and-white OR red all over? This in-progress Eiffel Tower.

2. These Tuskegee airmen have their eyes to ever-brightening skies.

3. This picture blossoms with a capital B.

4. Over time, true love always shows its true colors.

5. Colorizing historical photos is a tough (Steve) Jobs, but somebody's gotta do it.

6. These World War II heroes sure look swell in any color scheme.

7. If you think this ancient Egyptian artifact can't shine bright after all these years, you've got another Sphinx comin'.

8. Paradise proves timeless in Bairro Da Barro.

9. This Kwakwaka'wakw woman represented her people with beautiful determination then and now.

10. This photographic feat doesn't just show Times Square roaring to life through color, but evolving over 100 years.

11. Well, it seems not everyone is impressed by colorized photos ... even when they're in one.


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