13 People Help This Non-Traditional Freshman With Their Best College Advice

"I'm going to start putting this advice into action."

Starting college comes with a lot of new responsibilities: you have to figure out how to manage classes and a social life, your grades and your extracurriculars, your food and your time. 

And for one Reddit user, starting college as a non-traditional freshman has been "quite a struggle." So, they decided to ask college graduates on the Internet for their best pieces of advice by posing this question on Reddit: "College graduates of Reddit, what's once [sic] piece of advice you would give to a freshman?" 

 "Just to give some background, I'm a 24-year-old non-traditional freshman that just recently left the military," the Redditor explains in the post. "I'm going to start putting this advice into action."

With that, the thread has filled up with over 1000 comments from all different people trying to help from experience. There are also some teachers and professor's who've chimed in, too.

"Don't get weirded out by being older than most of your classmates. Remember that faculty often value the opinions and experiences of students whose backgrounds differ from the rest of the class, who can offer something in class discussion that the others just don't know yet because they haven't had that experience," one person comments. "I'm a [professor] and I've had several vets in class over the years: often they were among the best students because they were disciplined and serious about their work. Best of luck to you, and if you have any specific questions I'd be glad to chat with you about them."

Much of the advice offered can be applied to any student, at any age. Check out some of our favorite tips below.


1. Don't let setbacks bring you down.

2. Check out clubs and services that suit you.

3. Go. To. Class.

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4. Meet with your professors.

5. And ask them for help when you need it.

6. Save your work.

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7. Say 'yes' to new things.

8. Sit in the front row.

9. Join study groups.

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10. Read that syllabus.

11. Don't be afraid to change your plan.

12. Try classes you don't think you'll like.

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13. Enjoy it.


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