6-Year-Old Is Unapologetically Herself With Her Fearless Fashion Choices


For those who need some fresh fashion inspiration, look no further than 6-year-old Coco, who's popular Instagram account is filled with all the coolest styles.

In a video for Broadly, the pint-sized blogger talks about running her Instagram Coco_PinkPrincess, which now has over 230,000 followers. She poses in oversized, clear glasses and a blue button-down, complete with a checkered belt and a gray graphic tee. 


"I am happy when I get new followers on Instagram," she says in the video. According to the publication, Coco picked up fashion from her parents, who run a vintage clothing store in Harajuku, Japan, an epicenter of fashion. 

The store "is a place for young people that want to explore their fashion interests and just feel free," Coco's mother, Misato, says, adding that they moved to Tokyo after an earthquake forced them to evacuate from their previous home. So, they started anew. 

Misato also adds that her daughter's fashion choices have been a part of her everyday life and surroundings, and she's very confident with what she wears. 

Some of our favorite looks on Coco's account feature bold prints and colors, like a Hawaiian shirt with an IKEA-inspired crossbody bag and round yellow sunnies.

We also love this look, which features a pink fluffy coat, a black hat, and a striped shirt. Coco says she loves the photo because of how beautiful the cherry blossoms look in the background. 

Like most little kids, Coco is unapologetically herself, but her fashion choices really do set her apart. Take a look at some of our favorite pictures of Coco's creative outfits below. 

Check out more of our favorite looks from Coco's feed below:

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