13 Funny Office Notes That Remind Us Why We Put Up With Our Co-Workers

Are you guilty of these?

Co-workers. Can't do work with them and you can't do it without them. And with office communication being a problem, it still makes sense to bypass digital technology and to use paper notes to send a message. Some office notes are funny, some are serious and others point out major work problems.

Here are 13 office notes that will make you glad that these people aren't your real co-workers, unless they really are:


1. The best IT guy ever.

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2. No pressure here.

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3. Hang on, we're getting help.

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4. "Star Wars" fans will appreciate this one.

Wrote a note to apologize for the mixed grounds I used in the office coffee pot.

5. Dirty cups don't belong here.

Today's Passive/Aggressive Office Note

6. Best emergency procedure ever.

a note at work

7. Sweetest note ever given at an office.

My friend is a delivery driver and she got this note at work the other day...

8. Sound IT advice.

The coffee at work wouldn't brew anymore, and a help ticket was created for it....this note was from me once I "fixed" it.

9. That's the way I like to print.

So, my mom put this note on the new printer at work...

10. Sad, but true.

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11. There's a reason you have storage.

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12. Who steals food at work?

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13. At least he was being honest.

Friend left this letter at work...


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