Watch This Clown Transform Into An Absolute Babe

Get it, girl.

In case you haven't heard, clown contouring is kind of a thing now.


Clown WHAT?

Let us explain.

BellaDeLune, a makeup artist and a vloger, has just released a video on "clown contouring" and it took the Internet by storm. Sure we've heard about — maybe even tried — different face highlighting and contouring techniques, but we've never considered starting a beauty routine by turning ourselves into clowns.

What or earth is she talking about?

"Even though you don't need this amount of makeup, or any makeup at all, to feel or look beautiful, lets face it — makeup is fun," she explains.

"And personally I cannot tell you how many times I've been called a clown and many other names and been hated on..."

"... because of the way I use this form of art."

"You know what, negativity could be around us all the time," she continues.

"But guess what, I can just literally blend it away."

Get it, girl.

We don't see no clowns here.

Make sure to watch the entire video below.

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