19 Cleaning Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your Life

Life is short; don't waste another second cleaning.

1. Erase coffee stains

Step By Step Mom

The secret is baking soda.

2. The easiest way to clean your curling iron

Adventures of a DIY Mom

Just rub a piece of steel wool on it!

3. Effortlessly clean scorched pans

Apartment Therapy

A little vinegar, water, baking soda and scourer go a long way!

4. Quickly get rid of lipstick stains

Woman and Home

Pro tip: Hairspray.

5. Easily clean up a countertop grill

Ang Says

All you need is a wet paper towel.

6. Use an onion to clean your outdoor grill Wonder How To

Attach half an onion to a skewer, turn on the grill and wipe the mess away.

7. Clean your blender in seconds

The Burlap Bag

Just blend soapy water!

8. Be proactive with your oven

Mommy Savers

Lay down a reusable, non-stick oven liner.

9. And use ammonia to clean anything missed

Mommy Savers

Leave 1/2 cup of ammonia in the oven overnight then wipe it clean in the morning.

10. Get pesky nail polish stains out of carpet

Just Between Friends

Rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth will make your carpet look brand new.

11. Used coffee grounds freshen up your garbage disposal

Savvy Sugar

Make dozens of coffee ground balls to clean your smelly disposal and even sharpen the blades!

12. Renew up your mattress

Lone Home Ranger

Just a few quick squirts of this spray and you"ll be sleeping on a cloud.

13. Clean a microfiber couch without staining it

If The Stiletto Fits

Not only is this cleaning hack effective, it"s fast.

14. The cheap, fast and eco-friendly bathtub cleaner

Apartment Therapy

Literally all you need is a grapefruit and salt.

15. Blow away water rings

Homemade Mamas

Use yourhair dryer on high heat then polish with a bit of olive oil!

16. Easily clean up after your pet"s accidents

Veronica"s Creative Spot

Never buy expensive carpet sprays again, just use baking soda.

17. Easily clean your coffee grinder

Martha Stewart

Grinding crusty bread or dry rice rejuvenates a coffee grinder so your grounds are unaltered.

18. Give your stainless steel dishwasher a power wash

The Pin Junkie

Use baking soda, dish soda and white vinegar to wash away stains.

19. And use this powder cleanser for nearly everything else


This easy-to-make powder cleaner makes messes easy-to-clean.

Cleaning will never be a chore again

Universal Pictures/Giphy

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