10 Compliments That'll Catch You Off Guard, Then Make You Smile

While these compliments are genuine and sweet, some are a bit unconventional.

Sometimes, being nice is the simplest thing we can do to have an impact. Classy compliments, for instance, have the power to make both the giver and the receiver's whole day. Compliments for women and compliments for men might differ to some degree, but at their core, all unexpected compliments come backed by the best intentions. Of course, while some compliments are genuine and sweet, some weird compliments will probably have you smiling and scratching your head simultaneously.

On Reddit, people are posting their favorite classy compliment they've received. Though most are unconventional compliments, and might catch a person off guard, in the end, these compliments will make you smile


1. Animals can smell the difference between good and evil, so this is the epitome of compliments, really.

2. Some people put you at ease immediately. He should be flattered that his presence calms and soothes.

3. His roundabout way of praising her appearance would bring a smile to any older person's face.

4. Interesting phrasing ... but it's nice to know he appreciates the sacrifices and struggles she's endured.

5. We'll take that to mean you look strong and formidable. You'd never let anyone hurt another person!

6. While bodily functions don't typically elicit compliments, it's always nice to know you evoke the image of fairies.

7. It's always good to find humor in situations where the one giving the compliment can't quite express themselves properly.

8. Plenty of people are quiet until they get to know you. That's why you can't judge a book by its cover!

9. This officer obviously recognizes this person's inner strength and resourcefulness — both praiseworthy qualities.

10. For those deprived of praise, your compliments often mean that much more because they're moved that someone noticed.

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