'Virtual Life' Parody Accurately Describes Our Social Media Lives

"There's my mama, ranting 'bout Obama, in all caps, improper use of commas."


Husband-and-wife duo Dustin and Genevieve Ahkuoi had us clutching our stomachs with laughter when they released their parody song "Hella Cravings" back in December. In it, they used Adele's "Hello" to express some way-too-real healthy-eating woes. Now, they're back with a new hilarious parody that gets at another cultural issue we're dealing with today. 

Their music video for "Virtual Life" uses The Lion King's iconic song "Circle of Life" to share some of our social media-obsessed problems. 

"Every day, we get on the Internet and talk through our screens to everyone," Genevieve sings. "When words fail, we speak through emojis and memes."

"When I'm not on fleek and feeling basic, and my FOMO leaves me with no chill, I know my Snapchat squad will make me say 'yassgawd,' " Dustin chimes in. "The World Wide Web is bae for real."

Together, they belt the chorus. "It the virtual life and it fools us all, we compare and scroll, so we'll measure up, we will take selfies in the perfect lighting. It's the virtual, the virtual life." 

Check out the whole song in the video above. 



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