When A Guitarist Saw A Woman Being Sexually Harassed At One Of His Shows, He Took Action

"It wasn't cute. It was alarming. I'm almost forty and flirting doesn't look like that."

Performers are often "in the zone" when they take to the stage, but when one guitarist thought he saw a female fan being sexually harassed by a male audience member during a recent gig, he took immediate action. 

According to Tanda Media, it all went down on July 21 at The Pageant in St. Louis, Mo. An audience had gathered to watch "The Blood Tour" featuring AFI, Circa Survive, and Citizen, but Circa Survive's set didn't go as planned. As CS guitarist Brendan Ekstrom explained at length on Twitter, he chose to stop playing mid-song and was "removed from the mindset" after seeing what looked like a man harassing a young woman in the crowd.

Ekstrom prefaced his in-depth Twitter recount of the interaction by stating that in his 20 years as a performer prior to July 21, he had never before walked off stage during a song. But he knew he had to do something.

After approaching the alleged harasser himself in an "emotional blur," Ekstrom explained security stepped in and handled the matter. The guitarist went on to say he was unsure of what happened next and wasn't aware if the man and women knew each other, but that really didn't, and shouldn't matter.

As if he was anticipating backlash from others telling him he might have misinterpreted the situation, Ekstrom elaborated.


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