This Twitter Account Reveals The Color Palettes Of Popular Films

A new perspective.

There are many elements that go into creating a certain mood for a film — writing, acting, directing, editing, and so on — but color is a crucial one that often goes underappreciated. It's easy to forget how important a cue different colors can be for setting the mood of a scene or an entire movie, but, of course, the sign of a strong film is how well it hides its seams.

That said, it's interesting to peel the cover back to see how specific colors mean so much to a movie's overall product. For example, The Martian and Finding Nemo would both be completely different if they swapped their dominant color palettes. The red and blue tones are crucial to the literal worlds their respective stories inhabit, and trickle into everything from visual aesthetic to emotional feel.

CINEMA PALETTES is a Twitter account that reveals these kinds of inner workings, featuring scenes from recent popular films as well as iconic classics, along with the color palette of each. If nothing else, it provides a new perspective on film along with basically being a guidebook to recreating the particular vibe of various movies.

Below is a sampling of palettes, but you can head over to the Twitter to see all 250-plus posts.

(H/T: PetaPixel via DesignTAXI)

Cover image: CINEMA PALETTES via Twitter


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