Ever Wonder What A World Champion Whistler Sounds Like?

Hot damn.

Humans are capable of making music without any instruments at all — singing, body drumming, snapping, beat boxing, you name it. But one musical talent that's often underrated is whistling. 

If you don't think whistling can be a true art form, let Christopher Ullman, Four-time national and international whistling champion, prove you wrong. 

According to Ullman's website, The Happy Whistler, he's been practicing his craft for 30 years, and has performed with major symphony orchestras, and even taught 60,000 people how to whistle at a concert in the U.S. capitol. 

Now, in a video by National Geographic, Ullman demonstrates his amazing precision and technique, showing us how he uses his lips, tongue, and teeth to create a variety of tones, riffs and embellishments. 

Take a listen: 



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