Watch Christoph Waltz And Jimmy Kimmel's Failed Audition For The Siegfried And Roy Movie

"I guess we're both Roy."

Christoph Waltz has played quite a few villains in his career. He obviously does it very well, but it would be nice to see him fill the hero's shoes more often.

As Christoph revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it's not for lack of trying. In fact, he recently joined Jimmy himself to audition for an upcoming biopic about Las Vegas magicians Siegfried and Roy. They were kind enough to share the tape on last night's show.

It's clear that Christoph and Jimmy really wanted the parts, because they showed up for the audition in full, sparkly costume. They get points for effort, but it might have helped if they could agree on which one of them was which. In the end, Jimmy decides, "I guess we're both Roy."

To be fair, would you be able to tell the difference?

When it comes time to read lines, Jimmy argues that he's an authority on German accents because of his heritage, but Christoph would have to disagree. They're particularly torn over how to pronounce "balloon" (as in 99 red), and it's enough to make Christoph walk out of the audition. 

Unfortunately, the filmmakers weren't quite on board with Jimmy's brilliant idea to play both parts.

Watch the whole bedazzled ordeal below:


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