This Photographer Created A Halloween House Of Horrors At Her Parents' Home

Would you knock on this door?

The last time we wrote about the work of Los Angeles-based photographer Christine H. McConnell, we took a look at her foray into the past as she recreated 200 years worth of ancestral portraits. Her latest project is also family-oriented, but not in the way you might think.


McConnell decorated her parents' house for Halloween ... and we mean DECORATED.

According to her Instagram and Facebook accounts where she posted the pictures, the eyes and teeth are made from painted foam core boards. 

Her parents were happy to let her imagination run wild.

In an interview with L.A.'s ABC 7, McConnell said ""I was able to come up with the concept on my own and my parents gave me free reign," adding that she loves the holiday. "I'm such a huge fan of Halloween and binge watch every creepy movie imaginable during this time of year. I have my own older house, but their house is such a good backdrop for this kind of work and I love being around them, so any excuse to hang out, I jump at."

Last year, she did the same, though with a Tim Burton theme.

And if her Instagram account is any indication, it looks like she'll probably be decorating their house for years to come.

For more amazing photography, please check out McConnell on Instagram and Facebook.

Cover photo: Facebook / Christine H. McConnell


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