Chrissy Teigen And Jimmy Fallon Are On The Same Wavelength In The Best Friends Challenge

They cover everything from catchphrases to curse words.

If you ever doubted Chrissy Teigen and Jimmy Fallon's BFF status, their Best Friends Challenge from Tuesday night's episode of The Tonight Show should be required viewing. Fallon has played this game before with other guests, including Demi Lovato and, of course, his longtime pal Justin Timberlake.

Fallon describes the challenge as "The Newlywed Game, but for friends." He and his guest ask questions about each other, or about their friendship — and the responses they write down have to be the same to earn a point. As Teigen and Fallon quickly proved, they're on the same wavelength.


They started off with a question about Fallon — "If Jimmy had a signature candle, what would the candle smell like?" Teigen guessed it would smell like his daughters, because he's "always giving them hugs." Fallon's answer was cotton candy, but he said his daughters smell like that anyway, so they called it a success.

They were just warming up, though. Further questions covered topics including catchphrases and curse words, as they proved just how much they know about each other — or perhaps that they can read each other's minds. They even came up with the same (NSFW) idea for a costume party theme.

See all their answers in the video below:

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