This Is What Working In A Creative Field Is Actually Like

"Always keep a spare hand, in case your main one falls off."

Working in a creative industry like photography or advertising can be rewarding because you're doing something you love. But often you're at the whims of your client's requests, which let's face it, can get pretty ridiculous at times. 

United kingdom-based artist and storyteller known as Chris (Simpson Artist) illustrated some hilariously accurate depictions of what working in creative fields can actually be like. The illustrations were commissioned by Hiive, a creative industry network. 

Check them out below: 


1. Photographer.

2. Visual effects artist.

3. Animator.

4. Production runner.

5. Advertising executive.

6. Book publisher.

7. Illustrator.

8. Game designer.

9. Graphic designer.

(H/T: It's Nice That

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