Chris Pratt: Dinosaur Hunter, Guardian Of The Galaxy And... Mural Painter?


While we know Chris Pratt from a number of splendiferous adventures such as his turn as...

The FBI Bro

Oakland Athletics first baseman Scott Hatteberg...

A Lego guy...

An octopus monkey...?

Savior and Guardian Of The Galaxy...

Where would be without Star Lord?

And of course as dinosaur expert, Owen.

He's really awesome at being terrified too.

We definitely did NOT know him as....a mural painter? Well, thanks to the wonderful world of Imgur, now we do.

It turns out, back the early years of 2003 before Chris Pratt was breaking out of jails with raccoons and talking trees, he was quite the painter. Why you ask?

According to Pratt, it served a very real purpose of helping him deal with emotions. Not only was it therapeutic, but it turns out his dad and brother are also artists, which is something we didn't know either.

It wasn't just one type of art style Pratt used. He tried "pencil drawings, watercolors and oils." 

He also painted a wide variety of subjects and settings such as sunrises, his high school gym weight room and a Greek scene for a restaurant.

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But how exactly did Slartibartfas (we absolutely love Imgur user names) find out about this amazing talent of Pratt's?

Simply by going out to dinner. The Imgurian happened to see his Greek mural, along with a Teen People article. In addition, there was also his name inscribed on the bottom right corner of the painting.

Well, last night I drove up to visit my parents and go out to dinner for my mom's birthday.

That is amazing. Let's have a closer look.

Turns out it was painted by Chris Pratt!
As Slartibartfas said, "I ended up talking to the owner of the restaurant and she told me about how her son and Chris were best friends in high school, and how Chris used to be the dishwasher at the restaurant!"

So cool! Well, in addition to entertaining us on the silver screen, maybe one day Pratt will pick up his paintbrushes again and treat us to some more masterpieces.

Thanks for being you!


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