Even Chris Pratt Couldn't Perform This Stunt For 'Jurassic World,' But It's Not What You Think

Celebs are people too.

It's safe to say that Hollywood has slowly taught us not to trust anything that we see on the screen. 

Entire movie sets can be created in tiny artist workshops, passionate love scenes can be simulated by spraying fake sweat on actors and don't even get us started on the crazy effects that can be done using computer-generated imagery!

Let's take "Jurassic World" as an example.


We all know that Chris Pratt's character is not actually running from a feisty, real-life dinosaur.

Also, he's not really speeding a motorcycle through a forest with a bunch of raptors trying to hunt him down.

With a production budget of $150 million, all of these special effects were put into place by a talented FX team.

But one of them was particularly interesting.

Apparently, Pratt doesn't know how to whistle, thus the sound effects team had to voice over his attempts.

Watch the full video below to see Pratt trying his best to make a whistling sound. (Spoiler alert: He ALMOST nails it.)

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