Chris Hemsworth And Jimmy Fallon Try To Say The Same Thing At The Same Time

It's harder than you might think.

Have you and a friend ever said the same thing at the same time and rushed to shout the word "jinx"? That's the inspiration for Jimmy Fallon's Jinx Challenge, which he recently played with actor Chris Hemsworth on The Tonight Show. As it turns out, getting it to happen on purpose is a lot harder than you might think.

The point of the game is that Hemsworth and Fallon are given categories one by one, and they're challenged to shout an example of something in that category, in unison. They even put on an attached pair of gloves to really help them meld their minds.

Things don't go so well to start, as Fallon and his guest say totally different dog breeds and Disney princesses — unless you count Hemsworth's delayed declaration of "Elsa!" to match Fallon's. They get away on a technicality for the "dangerous sports" category, pointing out that football and rugby can be the same thing, "depending where you're from."

Surprisingly, considering Hemsworth's Thor role, neither of them says "hammer" for the "tools" category. However, they finally find common ground when the category "countries that start with A" comes up — and they can't contain their excitement.

Check out the whole ordeal in the video below:


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