Astronaut Chris Hadfield On The 46 Most Positive Things That Happened In 2016

This list will help you start 2017 off right.

After a tumultuous 2016, it's fair to say that many embraced the new year with wariness and trepidation. The deaths of monumental figures in politics, art, and sport who shaped much of the 20th century shook the world. Xenophobia and racism gained a foothold among the upper echelons of politics. Armed conflicts in parts of the world raged on as the international community watched.

But it wasn't all bleak. There were many moments of hope, many movements that fought — and won — against bigotry and ignorance. On the last day of 2016, Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield compiled a list of positive things that took place that year on Facebook.


He included progresses in international politics, scientific breakthroughs, positive environmental developments, social media-based movements that made real-life impact, and the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in more than a century — proving that 2016 was a year worth celebrating. 

Cover image via NASA / Flickr.


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