13 Striking Photos That Capture The Beauty Of International Subway Systems

You might start to look at your commute differently after seeing these images.

When you're caught up in the hustle and bustle of your daily grind, you probably don't take much time to look around the train station during your commute. But if you did, you might marvel at some of the beauty Chris Forsyth is fascinated by. 

Back in October 2014, the Montreal-based photographer started The Metro Projecta photography series that documents the often overlooked beauty of international metro stations. The project started as part of an academic assignment, but he decided to continue the project long after the class was over because he enjoyed it so much. 

"I hope to show how beautiful these public spaces can be. Traveling through these stations day in and day out can become very monotonous," Forsyth told Wallpaper. "Looking ahead, or down at our phones, we can easily take for granted all of the gorgeous architecture, art and design around us."

So far, he's focused in on the art, architecture, and design of subway stations in Montreal, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Hamburg, and Prague. He encourages others to photograph and share the stations they travel through, too, by using the hashtag #themetroproject

You can see some of his beautiful photos below: 

1. Stockholm, Sweden

2. Munich, Germany

3. Montreal, Canada

4. Munich, Germany

5. Stockholm, Sweden

6. Munich, Germany

7. Montreal, Canada

8. Berlin, Germany

9. Stockholm, Sweden

10. Montreal, Canada

11. Berlin, Germany

12. Stockholm, Sweden

13. Prague, Czech Republic

(H/T: My Modern Met


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