Watch Chris Evans Surprise Fans With A 'Captain America'-Themed Escape Room

It's all for a good cause.

Captain America star Chris Evans wants you to join him for an escape room adventure, and he even pranked a few unsuspecting fans to show you how fun it could be — all for a good cause.

Evans is teaming up with Omaze to give a fan and three friends the opportunity to hang out with him in a custom escape room. The contest is raising money for Christopher's Haven, which provides housing to Boston families with children who are fighting cancer in nearby hospitals. Evans, a Massachusetts native, has visited there several times.

Patrons at a comic book store in the Boston area were surprised when a Captain America doll started talking to them. Little did they know Evans himself was voicing the doll off camera. "This may look like a standard comic book store," he told them, "but it's actually a secret Hydra base, and I need your help to take it down."

Evans gave participants several challenges, from searching for a four-digit code hiding in plain sight, to asking around for a secret Hydra operative on the street. Their efforts eventually led them to the store's very dark basement, where Evans finally revealed himself.


See how the fans reacted in the video below:

(H/T: E! Online)


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