This '90s Children's Book About Gay Parents Delivers A Refreshing Dose Of Honesty

Naturally, that honesty about same-sex relationships caused a lot of controversy.

America in the 1990s wasn't exactly known for being a bastion of enlightenment and acceptance toward the LGBT community. But amid the anti-gay sentiment — evident in the country's politics, too — emerged a children's book that stirred controversy for its positive portrayal of same-sex relationships.

The book, Daddy's Roommate, is about a young boy whose divorced father lives with his partner, Frank. Posted on Imgur by user Imthatguywhogoosedyou, the book is written by Michael Willhoite. In the '90s, Daddy's Roommate was one of the most frequently challenged publications, according to the American Library Association.


Its content shows the daily activities of the boy's father and Frank ...

Willhoite writes about the boy describing what his father and Frank do together, which are as regular as any heterosexual couple's routine. The book also shows the three of them traveling together and going to sports games together. 

"Same-sex love is just another kind of love," the boy explains, "and love is the greatest way to achieve happiness."

See the book in German but with English translations here:


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