18 Tech Struggles '90 Kids Remember Too Well

#10 was way too stressful.

Today's kids are using smartphones and tablets before they can even talk or walk. And regardless of if that's an amazing or horrid thing, at least they'll never have to deal with a few tech strugs that are now obsolete. 

Warning: If you were born in the '90s, these might bring some bad flashbacks. 


1. Deleting your text message inbox (that gets full way too fast) to be able to receive new texts.

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Not to mention, making sure you don't piss off your parents by going over the allotted messages per month. 

2. Having to wait forever for something to save on your computer.

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3. Organizing CDs so they don't take up too much space.

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4. Dial up Internet.

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5. Doing this when you get an error message.

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6. Going to Blockbuster only to find that the movie you've been dying to see is being rented by someone else.

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7. Playing Game Boy in the dark.

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8. Blowing on Nintendo cartridges to try to make them work.

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9. Hoping your crush sees you on their buddy list.

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10. Having to call someone's house phone and talk to their parents — because no one had cell phones.

Probably because that's a house phone

11. Waiting an hour to download a single song.

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12. Trying to fix this nightmare.

13. Burning tons of CDs for you and your friends...

14. ...and then carrying these around to play them.


15. Waiting half the length of the movie for a VHS to rewind all the way before you could watch it.

16. When the only games on your computer were Solitare or Minesweeper.

Victory at last.

You had to actually go to the store to buy more. 

17. When you finally got a cell phone, the only game options were Tetris, Bejeweled and Snake.

Play snake on an old Nokia phone! It's called Snake '97

18. The horror of this screen.

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