James Corden Challenges Cher To Try Cow Tongue And Dried Caterpillars In 'Spill Your Guts'

"I'm answering it, I don't care what it is."

James Corden welcomed music legend Cher to The Late Late Show on Tuesday to play a few rounds of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it involves Corden and a celebrity guest asking each other revealing questions. They can either answer truthfully or take a bite of a questionable food item.

Since the show is in London this week, Corden added a few British delicacies to the spread, including a smoothie made from fish, chips, and mushy peas. However, to start things off, Cher challenged Corden to eat a thousand-year-old egg — or reveal who got the drunkest at the royal wedding.


Although the audience encouraged him to spill the beans, Corden chose to eat the egg. Similarly, when it came to a question about her "top five favorite lovers," Cher chose to try a dried caterpillar rather than name names. 

But it was the final round that really tested her. Corden put the cow tongue in front of her, and Cher declared, "I'm answering it, I don't care what it is." However, she didn't anticipate the host's question, which was actually more of a request — to say one nice thing about President Donald Trump.

Find out if Cher could do it, or if she'd rather eat cow tongue, in the video below:

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