Chelsea Clinton Hopped On Twitter To Unexpectedly Defend The Trump Family

Take it from someone who knows.

Chelsea Clinton knows a thing or two about being in the White House, and on Monday she took to Twitter to unexpectedly defend President Donald Trump and his family. 

Clinton, a former First Daughter, responded to a reporter who noted that some people were questioning whether Trump's family should have a secret service detail for protection. 


"It makes me very sad to read this," Clinton wrote. "The President's family's protection should not be politicized."

Clinton's ability to shed political partisanship is particularly noteworthy because her mother, Hillary, and President Trump had what many consider one of the most bitter and divisive elections of our time.

Still, there are some legitimate gripes people have with the money being spent on Trump's family. His eldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr., do a lot of traveling abroad which runs up a pretty big bill. His wife, Melania, is yet to move to Washington D.C. and says she will stay in New York City until Barron's school year is up. Ivanka runs her own jewelry line and travels for business as well, while also requiring a Secret Service detail.

In simple terms, the Trump family is split up geographically in ways that aren't typical of a White House family, which increases cost for the Secret Service. Melania's decision to live in New York City alone costs New York taxpayers more than $127,000 a day, according to New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner James O'Neill. The U.S. Secret Service has even requested an additional $60 million in funding, $26.8 million of which will be used to guard the entire Trump family and Trump Tower.

Regardless of the numbers, it's nice to see Clinton going out of her way to deliver a positive message to political opponents.

And this wasn't the first time she has defended Trump's family on Twitter. In January, Clinton took to Twitter to defend Trump's youngest son Barron, and reminded everyone that he "deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid." 

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