This Amazing Watersport Is Making Waves Around The World. You'll Want To Try It.

It's like turning yourself into a racing yacht! SIGN ME UP.

Simone Vannucci and Leonardo Morelli are two professional kiteboarders from Italy who are making waves with their incredible use of hydrofoils: hybrid boards that enlist the aid of long foils (sort of like long fins, foils are keels with a wing attached) that allow riders to kiteboard above the water in silence, as well as upwind or in light wind conditions.

In this photo, you can see the foil as it cuts through the water.

Foils are efficient: they have almost no drag so rides are always smooth, even in rough water.

Notice how the end of the foil is shaped like a wing: that shape gives it efficiency and allows for incredible airs.

Bay of Talamone, Tuscany, Italy.

Hydrofoil - FUN from ASV Performance on Vimeo.

The amount of lift provided by the foil should not be underestimated.

Even in light winds, a hydrofoil can give you a fun ride.

A hydrofoil literally gives you wings.

I'm thinking A+ can definitely send me to Italy to learn more about this because right now, there's nothing I'd rather be doing than kitefoiling in Tuscany. Many thanks to Simone Vanucci for sharing these incredible photos with us.

Please check out more incredible hydrofoiling videos and pictures from ASV Performance here and ontheir Facebook page.


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