This Couple Went On A $12 Date And A $576 Date To Compare What's Actually Worth It

The results may surprise you.

Planning the perfect date can be tricky — and expensive. But does it have to be?

In a recent video for BuzzFeed, Tyler and his girlfriend Safiya test out three different date options with three very different price points: $12 for a beach date, $120 for a painting class, and a whopping $576 helicopter excursion. 

For the first date, Tyler and Safiya head to the beach for a picnic lunch on a blanket.


"It was fantastic," Tyler says at the end of the date. "It was really relaxing."

"I feel like the inner child inside of me comes out at the beach," Safiya adds.

With that, the couple heads to their second date, a $120 session at a painting studio.

"I'm not great at painting, but it's just really fun," Tyler says. "Especially when there's no expectations for perfection."

"It was a very innocent and sweet date," Safiya adds. 

Finally, the pair heads out to their last date, which features food, champagne, and photos before taking off on a romantic helicopter tour above Los Angeles. Together, this costs $576. 

At the end of their three dates, Tyler and Safiya evaluate the experiences and decide which one of the dates was their favorite.

And while the pricey helicopter date was fun, Safiya and Tyler choose the less-expensive options as their favorites. 

"I think that the beach date was the best," Tyler explains. "Really simple [and] it really let us be able to talk."

At the end of the day, the results show that the less expensive dates may actually have more value which proves that being together is what matters most.

You can watch the video in full below:

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